If the gums, teeth and surrounding tissues are lost or damaged for any reason, a prosthesis is applied. The prosthesis completes the patient’s missing area and restores the patient’s chewing function. It is produced separately for each patient. The application can be applied to a single tooth or to the entire jaw.

The aim is to protect the patient’s existing teeth. Everyone’s tooth color is different. Prostheses are made according to the patient’s tooth color. Thus, the closest color to natural teeth is obtained.
Full Denture
It is a treatment usually applied to edentulous patients. Prostheses are designed with the help of upper and lower tissues and attached to the patient’s mouth.

In this method, cheeks and lips are also supported with the help of prosthesis. This prevents wrinkles on the face and gives a fuller appearance. At the same time, a more beautiful smile is obtained with the aesthetic harmony of the teeth.

Precision Attached Dentures
If the treatment cannot be done with fixed prosthesis and there is a missing tooth, precision attachment dental prostheses are used. In this method, sockets are prepared for the teeth and retainers are placed. It is popularly referred to as a “pop-up” prosthesis.

Hooked Dentures
This treatment is preferred if fixed prosthesis cannot be used on the patient for any reason.

The prosthesis is attached to the tooth in the anterior part of the edentulous area with the help of a hook. It offers easy use with support from the teeth. Patients should pay attention to the following;

Dental check-ups should be done regularly.
After removal, it must be cleaned and disinfected.
Hot water damages the prosthesis.
It has a fragile structure.
It should be cleaned at least 3 times a day.
After the prosthesis is removed, the mouth should be cleaned before putting it back on.
After removal, it should be kept in a glass of clean water.

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