Smile Design

The smile is the first thing that catches someone’s eye, so we know you want a smile that you’re pleased with.
it’s absolutely possible to create your dream smile with smile design.

According to your needs and face shape, we can obtain more natural and aesthetic appearrence with the help of Smile Design.

This treatment method can be applied to people with teeth deformities and deep is particularly suggested for the patients with color and/or shape abnormalities.

It is basically the best treatment for long lasting, healthy and sparkling smile.

Digital smile design , on the other hand, is an application preferred by many dentist recently with the developing technology. It is possible to pre-view the smile that best suits the face and jaw shape of the person by designing it in digital environment.
Smile design is a multifactorial treatment. That is, it is a combination of many treatments. These treatments are performed together according to the patient’s needs.
• Porcelain veneers
• Dental implants
• Botox
• Crowns and bridges
• Orthodontics
• Teeth whitening
• Bonding
• Gingivoplasty

How do we smile design

The question of how to make a smile design is one of the issues that many people wonder. First of all, this process is different for each patient. it is applied by treating many problems in teeth and gums. the examination and subsequent analyzes performed by the dentist are very important.

The steps to be followed for smile design are as follows:

-First, a dentofacial analysis of the patient is performed. At this stage, it is determined what kind of treatment process will be followed so that the patient can have the smile they want.

– As a result of the analyzes made, a design is planned by taking into account the expectations of the patient.

– By using smile design programs, the smile design of the patient can be easily displayed in the digital environment before the treatment.

– With the approval of the dentist and the patient, the final version of the smile design is decided. Thus, the planning phase is completed. An appointment is made to apply the designed smile design to the patient.

– It takes an average of 7 days to complete the smile design. however, a different procedure is applied for each patient. Some people may have to wait for the healing process to resolve problems in their gums or other teeth. This recovery differs from person to person, so the waiting time may be longer.

– Multiple applications are made for aesthetic smile design . For this reason, it is difficult to give clear information about smile design both in terms of duration and price.

Do you have any question?

You can ask us any questions about this treatment 24/7.

How do I know if I need a smile design?

You are a candidate for smile design if you want to fix the following:

• Tooth discoloration
• Chipped or cracked teeth
• Misaligned teeth
• “Gummy” smile
• Missing or gapped teeth
• Old restorations from fillings and crowns
• Your smile in genera

Is Smile Design Permanent?

Those who want to have a smile design usually wonder about the permanence of the procedures. However, this process does not include a treatment application alone. Since there are many different applications, its permanence is determined according to the operations performed. If there are applications such as porcelain coating or zirconium coating in the treatment, how long they will be used varies according to the care.

The most important point you should pay attention to about the permanence of the smile design is regular controls. You should definitely go to your dentist every 6 months and have the necessary check-ups. In this way, you can extend the usage time of all processes.


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