This treatment is an aesthetic solution for some dental disorders that negatively affect your appearance.

This treatment cannot be applied to everyone. This is decided after the examination.

Basically, it beautifies the appearance of aesthetically problematic anterior teeth by gluing very thin porcelain leaves. The robust structure and stable color of dental laminates are ideal for adding natural beauty and restoring natural functions. The veneers are made of porcelain. It is translucent. The preparation phase and its execution require a lot of attention. Because it is very fragile without bonding. It is placed on the tooth meticulously. The front and outer sides of the tooth are bonded with a special resin (intermediate adhesive) to ensure a perfect fit and solid connection.

What conditions is laminate treatment suitable for?

We use laminate veneers when we want to change the position of the teeth aesthetically. We usually use it in patients with the following disorders:

  • When bleaching procedures fail to correct advanced changes in tooth color and structure, including staining due to the use of antibiotics or fluoride during the developmental stage of the teeth.
  • To close the gap between the teeth (diastema closure)
  • To restore broken or worn teeth,
  • For the repair of old fillings that have changed their color and structure,
  •  For correcting disorientated or curved teeth (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment)
  • Used for smile design treatments.

Who can benefit from laminate treatment?

Anyone with the above-mentioned complaints can benefit from laminate treatment at any age. However, treatment is not appropriate in patients with parafunctional habits such as jaw disorders, severe gingival destruction, nail biting, pencil chewing. The dentist will make the decision on this matter.

How long do laminate veneers last and are they durable?

With the right oral and dental care, laminate veneers can be used for many years without any problems. Laminate veneers are more resistant to staining and abrasion as they are made of porcelain, which has superior properties compared to other adhesive (bonding) systems. Oral hygiene should be taken care of and taken care of for a longer life. However, it is recommended that patients stay away from bad habits such as consuming hard foods and biting nails.

Do you have any question?

You can ask us any questions about this treatment 24/7.


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