Zirconia Crowns

What is zirconium?

It is a type of white metal used instead of the gray metal from which classical porcelain is made.

Where is zirconium used?

Zirconium veneers are mainly used in aesthetic dentistry. It is used when making crowns on old filled graying teeth with structural defects and excessive material loss. It is used as a bridge or crown on posterior teeth, when designing implant supported dental prostheses and smile aesthetics.

What are the aesthetic advantages of zirconium crowns?

Due to its light transmitting feature, natural tooth appearance can be made. The dentin layer of the teeth completely transmits light. Metals used in classical porcelain create an opaque appearance on the teeth. This causes the teeth to look dull and artificial. It is blocked using zirconium crowns.

How is zirconium coating applied?

When the teeth are a little smaller and the gums become healthy again, precise impressions are taken with impression materials and measuring spoons suitable for the mouth. The appropriate color zirconium designed by the physician is prepared in accordance with the measurements taken in the laboratory environment. The porcelain superstructure is handcrafted. The crown is attached to the tooth. Finally, it is permanently adapted to the tooth with special adhesives.

Now you can use it easily without distinguishing it from your natural teeth.

Do you have any question?

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