What are E.MAX crowns?

E.MAX is Lithium Disilicate glass, an all-ceramic system. It is one of the most realistic options in terms of aesthetics, porcelain can be placed on it, has an incredible light transmittance. It creates a very realistic looking tooth that matches natural teeth.

In E.MAX porcelain veneers, teeth are not completely cut or reduced. Thinning is done from the front of the tooth up to a maximum of 1.5 millimeters. For this reason, it is a treatment that is done without harming healthy and natural teeth.

Is it better than E.MAX Zirconia?

It is difficult to choose between E.MAX and zirconium. Both offer top-notch results for long-lasting dental crowns. As mentioned earlier, E.MAX is more transparent than zirconium and is the only noticeable difference between these two materials.

Do you have any question?

You can ask us any questions about this treatment 24/7.


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