Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a scientific discipline and a dental speciality which includes and deals with treatment of cystic or tumoral developments occuring both in intra-oral soft (cheek, palate, tongue, lip and muscles ext.) and hard tissues (teeth and bones), treatment of jaw and teeth fractures, treatment of tooth eruption, removal (extraction) of erupted or impacted teeth, correction of alveolar crest for the dentures, application of dental implants, and also using advanced surgery methods such as sinus lifting and/or grafting procedures (bone grafts) if needed with the implant operation.

The main ones of these treatments are:
-Implant surgery
-Diagnosis and treatment of traumatic tooth-support tissue injuries, long-term follow-up, 
• Regular and surgical tooth extraction,
• Sinus floor elevation procedures
• Bone augmentations
• Impacted Tooth
• Cystic and tumoral developments ….

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